2022 was marked by two significant lightning records

Our 2022 UK lightning strike report with an analysis of our expert, a study of the most significant storm phenomenas, the rankings of most struck by lightning areas is available.


Download the UK thunderstorm surveillance report!




Why does Météorage detect and study thunderstorms and lightning?

To know its enemies better! 

Each year, storm phenomena and lightning are at the origin of millions of cases of electrical damage and more than 20,000 deaths on Earth.* 

Météorage can use its knowledge to provide its customers and partners with expertise and solutions to prevent the risks affecting people and infrastructure, 
through alarm services, real-time monitoring of storm phenomena, post-thunderstorm studies, etc.

Météorage is also actively involved in raising public and media awareness of the risks and consequences of lightning and thunderstorms. 


*source: Cooper, M. A. & Holle, R. L. Reducing Lightning Injuries Worldwide. Springer Natural Hazards (2019).